Best Home Generators for Small and Large Households in 2020

In case of having a sudden power outage, all you need to rush for is an alternative power source. A power outage is one of the most common problems in the big cities as the power load is much high which usually leads towards the shortage of proper electricity supply. Or the other possible situation is that you need a power-packed Best home generators to have something convenient as an addition to your outdoor setting, where you need to recharge your phone, tablets and other devices.

What to do in such situations? At times of regular power load, a good and reliable power backup must be set up to avoid inconvenience. So, investing in a good home generator is the perfect choice for smart buyers.

For that purpose, the following list comprises all the eligible home generators which can prove to be a problem-solver for your power outrage and alternative power supply.

Best Home Generators in 2020

Generator NameRunning WattsPeak Watts
Champion 4000-Watt3500W4000W
Green-Power GPG4000W3300W4000W
DUROMAX XP 12000EH9500W12000W
Generac 5735 GP17500E17500w26250W
Champion 1200-Watt1200W1500W
Goal Zero Yeti 150150W300W
WEN 563523000W3500W
DuroMax XP10000E8000W10000W
Briggs & Stratton 306753000W6500W
Generac GP3500iO1700W3500W

1. Champion 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter:

Champion series has always been among the list of best generators for home backup. This model, similarly, gives you a stupefying experience of having an alternative power source Champion 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter is an inaudible, lightweight generator that serves several distinct functions, making it the best compact home generator as well as the best home generator under 1000.

Now it’s time to have a look at some of its highlighting features:

An important feature you need to know:

To begin with, the features of this model, the first one in the list is the amount of wattage it offers. The starting wattage is 4000 watts whereas running wattage goes up to 3500 watts. Further, it gives a 17-hour long run-time, with 25 percent of the load.

The start type it offers is a wireless remote, recoil, or it can be electrically started as well. The availability of wireless remote start allows you to operate the generator from up to 80 feet of distance.

At last, the parallel kit is also among its features as it enables you to increase your generator’s power by connecting it with higher inverters or digital hybrids.

  • Wireless start.
  • Long-running period.
  • Parallel and RV ready.
  • Push-button start.
  • Standby mode terminates after some time of inactivity.

Final Views:

If you are looking for the best portable home generator, which you can easily access from a distance, then this model is the best option.

2. Green-Power America GPG4000W Generator:

Green Power America generator is amongst the list of top-rated home generators. It is designed with the best quality products and in the best possible way to fulfill the need for an alternative power source. Green power America is a pro series recoil start generator that is suitable for home backup as well as for your recreational vehicles. This model goes up to 8 hours of run time with the inclusion of a 4-gallon tank of gasoline- as fuel type.

With this much run time, you can make your generator bear almost 50% of the load. Moreover, its mobilized manufacturing and durability and longevity make it the best home generator under 500.

Now let’s have a look at some of its highlighting features which makes it worth considering:

An important feature you need to know:

If you are in search of a generator which could easily be mobilized with any kind of domestic electrical appliances, then this model has something to consider in this regard. The starting watts of Green Power generator is 4000 watts, whereas it gives 3300W of running watts.

Adding to this, the generator comes with Manual Recoil to give you a better startup experience. The engine type is LCT 208cc / 7HP OHV Engine, which offers a continuous operation of almost 8 hours with 50% of the load.

The portability factor of this model is quite significant as it features 8 inch Solid Wheels. Green Power America tends to be enlisted among the home generators which gives a comparatively quieter operation, with the noise level of 72dB.

Furthermore, a generator for home use must ensure some mechanically functional outlets like Green Power America includes Two 120-volt AC outlets, One 120-Volt Twist Lock AC outlet, and One 12- Volt / 8.3A DC Outlet.

This Gas-powered portable generator has electric start capability along with high capacity Lithium-Ion battery. The most significant of its features is the Low Oil Shut off the system, which makes sure to remind you refueling avoiding any further inconvenience. Moreover, this system eliminates the risk of engine damage in case of insufficient oil level.

  • Durable portability.
  • Power outlets.
  • Pro Series Recoil Start.
  • Extremely reasonable.
  • Air Filter might appear defective to some of its users.
  • No owner’s manual.

Final Views:

If you are searching for a 4000-watt generator for your home backup, then Green Power America needs to be considered.

3. DUROMAX XP 12000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator:

This huge- sized powerful portable generator can be the best option to choose for your alternative home backup. DuroMax is a giant yet strong and durable generator that offers several features in order to provide the best as an alternative power source.

With its enlightening features, DUROMAX can be enlisted in one of the best home generators in 2020. Its increasingly optional demand marks it to be chosen otherwise. DUROMAX powerful built-in engine and highest number of starting and running watts make the power supply compatible in accordance with the electrical appliances being charged.

Now, let us talk about this generator’s flashy features:

An important feature you need to know:

This powerful DUROMAX generator for domestic use specifically, is powered by an 18HP, 457cc OHV DuroMax Engine.  Moreover, the huge power supply of up to 12000 starting watts and 9500 running watts, enables this sturdy generator to handle heavy loads like refrigerators.

Adding to the quirks of this jumbo-sized generator is that it endures Dual Fuel Technology, which means that it is capable of running in Propane or Gasoline both. This technology empowers the liberty of fuel choice for better sustenance and mobility.

This is not the end. DuroMax is capable of running all your home electrical appliances due to its opulent and mighty power supply.

Other traits of this generator include voltmeter, circuit breakers, low oil indicator, idle control, and DuroMax MX2 switch which fastens the volt-amp for heavy loads.

  • Metal and Copper construction.
  • Dual Fuel Technology.
  • Heavy Engine.
  • Panel Features.
  • The battery might not work for long term.
  • Inefficient with propane at times.

Final Views:

If you want to make a sound investment in a powerful portable generator for domestic backup, then DuroMax is the one.

4. Generac 5735 GP17500E Gas Powered Portable Generator:

Generac is one of the leading companies in producing the best compact generators for home backup. Similarly, GP17500E is among one of those selected generators that are highly compatible with your home appliances and also for recreational use.

It is a gas-powered portable generator that gives you an immersive experience of handling all the heavy loads.

Let’s take a look at some of its important features:

An important feature you need to know:

GP17500E supports the Generac 992cc OHVI engine which ensures a boosted power supply. Adding to this, the start-up procedure of this generator gets easier with Electric Start with battery and plug-in battery charger.

For a safe and convenient functioning of Generac, the backup power source encompasses Hour Meter, low-oil level indicator, and Idle Control, which resultantly minimizes noise and saves time for refueling.

With the provision of 16 gallons of the fuel tank and an extensive run-time of almost 10 hours with 50 percent of load, the generator stands among the best portable home generators. Moreover, the running wattage of this generator is 17500W, and starting wattage ranges up to 26250W.

  • Durable frame.
  • Assembled wheels kit.
  • High running and starting wattage.
  • Enormous Fuel Tank Capacity.
  • It may start emitting out smoke, after an interval.
  • Over-priced.

Final Views:

If you want to have a generator that comprises the best of portability factors, then Generac has got something for you.

5. Champion 1200-Watt Portable Generator

Here comes another Champion product that can be counted as the best home generator under 500. Although it does not offer much starting and running wattage as others do, still it can be considered as an alternative source in case of a power crisis.

The generator is designed in such a way that it ensures the safety of all the electrical appliances connected to it. Moreover, this multi-purpose portable generator can be used in recreational vehicles as well.

Now, let’s have a look at some of its important features:

An important feature you need to know:

This small, portable, and convenient generator allow you to indicate low-oil so that you can avoid risking your Generator’s Engine damage. Moreover, it has a0.6-quart oil capacity.

This model of Champion offers less wattage comparatively. The running wattage it gives is up to 1200W and 1500 starting watts. Adding to this, you can operates this generator for almost 10 hours of run-time.

This versatile power source creates as low noise as of 65dBA. With the advancement of Voltmeter, Champion proves to be an outsource for any kind of power outage.

  • 4 Stroke.
  • Single Cylinder.
  • Low-oil indicator.
  • Recoil Start.
  • Not a long-lasting alternative power source.
  • Fuel leakage from the fuel tank at times is problematic.

Final Views:

If you are looking for a home generator that is suitable for a low budget, then Champion 1200-watt portable generator must be checked.

6. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station:

Goal Zero Yeti 150 is a portable Power Station that helps in the electricity crisis with its Lead-acid Battery. It is a small, power-packed, uniquely designed portable alternative source for home use as well as for outdoors.

This model serves as a power bank that is used to charge phones, tablets, small laptops, and many other devices as well. You can carry it easily along with you anywhere.

Now, it’s time to consider some of its important features:

An important feature you need to know:

This smartly portable device can help you recharge your devices on the go. it encompasses all the necessary features which a home generator must have. Starting with the 168 watt-hours sealed lead-acid battery, the features go on to integrated outputs, which ensure recharging 5 devices at a time.

In addition to that, Goal Zero Yeti provides USB ports along with AC and 12V Outputs which even help you recharge your DSLR camera batteries. This generator is equipped with solar panels which help you utilize solar energy to recharge your phone.

  • On the go recharge
  • Travel friendly
  • Highly portable
  • Battery drains out after an interval
  • Defective solar panels

Final Views:

If you want to have the best out of your travel experience, then this pocket-friendly portable Power Station is the best option to consider.

7. WEN 56352 Gas Powered Portable Generator:

Another one to consider as the best home generator under 500. It offers great maneuverability and the noise level is reduced to almost the most bearable of the situation.

Let’s move to its important features which you need to consider:

An important feature you need to know:

Top of the list comes 4-Gallon Fuel Tank which provides an extensive run-time for up to 11 continuous hours. The Engine Type is 212cc / 7HP OHV engine which gives a boosting effect to your alternative power.

Other features include 120/240 volts NEMA receptacles for better connectivity. For better sustainable, and long-lasting portability, this home generator is being provided with the Wheel and Handle Kit having all the additional requirements to be fulfilled.

WEN comes with a Spark Arrestor in case you are having an outdoor session and you might need a power source. so, to keep it safe, this thing helps a lot.

Automatic Voltage regulator and Low oil shutdown ensures favorable, smooth running of the engine and avoids any kind of difficulty. Moreover, the advanced digital readout Technology makes your oil maintenance and other upkeeps checked.

  • Reliable in the long run.
  • Best compact home generator under 500.
  • Spark arrestor.
  • Voltage Selector.
  • Digital readouts.
  • It does not come with the fuel filter.
  • There is no cover to protect it from different weathers.

Final Views:

If you are looking for a home generator that is digitally well-equipped, then this is the one.

8. DuroMax XP10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator:

Here comes another mighty one from the series of DuroMax, with all the illuminating features. This is the best budget home generator which is also RV ready at the same time. It has got plenty of power with an engine speed of 3600 RPM.

Other highlighting features of this generator are:

An important feature you need to know:

It has got a powerful DuroMax engine which is powered by a DuroMax 18HP, 440cc OHV Engine. This generator gets an amazing amount of starting watts which is 10000 watts. And the running watts it offers are up to 8000W.

For a long time operation of power supply with this device, you need to consider the fuel tank capacity, which is almost 8.3 gallons. Moreover, the run-time it offers at this rate of fuel tank capacity is up to 11 hours, which is quite an impressive period.

  • Dual fuel technology.
  • Easy start up with propane.
  • It sprays out oil sometimes.
  • No optical cords at all.

Final views:

This can be a useful choice for those who are looking for the best home generator under 1000.

9. Briggs & Stratton 30675 Q6500 Inverter Generator:

Briggs Stratton 30675 is surely the best choice for buyers who have a low budget but high aims. Offering you a great deal of power-packed features and bundles of distinguishing qualities, Briggs & Stratton 30675 is counted among some of the popular home generators.

Along with the sleek and compact design, Briggs Stratton 30675 offers a remarkable amount of Watts during the time of the power crisis.

Here are some key features which need not be ignored while buying home generators.

An important feature you need to know:

Briggs & Stratton 30675 is a lightweight home generator that entertains its user with the ability to continue working for 14 hours at a 25 percent load.

Moreover, it provides a high number of Watts to run a wide variety of appliances including refrigerator, iron, and air conditioners.

Also, it possesses a noise-reducing shell which provides 60 percent quieter working environment than any other generator

  • Compatible with sensitive electronics.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Might face oil leakage through oil drain.
  • Defective spark plug.

Final Views:

If you are looking for a home generator that can run for a longer time, with efficiency, then this is the one.

10. Generac GP3500iO Open Frame RV Ready Inverter Generator:

Generac GP3500iO, being the best under 1000 portable generator, has become the popular choice for smart buyers.

If you are looking for a powerful home generator with the best of qualities regarding quick start-up and turn off features, so Generac GP3500iO would be the best choice in all.

Here are some notifying features about the product, which you must keep in view while buying:

An important feature you need to know:

With an excellent power rush technology, Generac GP3500iO offers you a lot of advantages. Adding to this, it comprises of (4) 120V-20A outlets, (2) USB outlets & (1) 120V-240V locking outlet.

Along with more than 50 percent of starting proficiency for equipment, it propounds far better features than your expectations. The engine type it has is 306cc.

Moreover, it functions as a lightweight machine because it does not add noise pollution in the surrounding environment and also serves to be the best portable home generator.

  • Lightweight
  • Power rush technology.
  • USB outlets.
  • Bad gas cap.

Final views:

It can be considered as in your RV trips, due to its low budget and sustainable features.

Top 3 Recommendations:

  • Generac 5735 GP17500E Gas Powered Portable Generator because of its starting and running wattage.
  • Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station to take your traveling to the next level.
  • Champion 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter because of its 17 hours long run time.

The thing to Consider Before Buying Home Generators

While looking for the best home generator to overcome your requirement of an alternative power source in case of any kind of electricity outrage, all you need to consider is the following main key points, so that you can make a better choice.

These key points are as follows:

  • Starting and Running wattage.
  • Portability
  • Engine Type.


So to sum up the things, all I would like to say is that you need to make a smart and efficient choice while buying something for your home use because it is not like the regular shopping. If you are in search of a generator for home backup then you need to go through this article so that you may know all the features of best-rated home generators 2020 and find it easier to pick up the right one.

So, go and shop the best generator for your home use right now.

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