Top 7 Best Portable Generators To Match Your Power Needs – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Not only do we come across power loss sometimes at our homes, but electricity is also an essential part of our camping and offroading experiences. Through this well-researched article, we have chosen the 7 most compact and advanced portable generators that shall solve your power related issues and make your journeys more luxurious and comfortable.

The best portable generator for your adventures is the one that has a high range of power output. This is an essential feature because a great quality generator helps running multiple appliances with ease. It is also noise friendly as we mustn’t disturb not only ourselves but also the people around us. 

Below is a list of the top 7 most convenient portable generators for your electricity purposes.

Best Portable Generator With High Performance

NameTop FeaturePrices
Jackery Explorer 240Multiple charging
PRYMAX Portable Power StationLightweight design
FlashFishUsable with CPAP (4 nights)
Rockpals 250-WattPure sine wave inverter
WEN 56203i2000W peak power
FlashFish Power Station60000 mAh battery
Energizer Power StationLED flashlight

1. Jackery Explorer 240Jackery Explorer 240

First up on our list is a very excellently design portable generator that gives maximum peak performance. The design of the Jackery Explorer 240 portable generator is so compact that it can be carried easily in your hand. There is a large comfortable handle on top of the generator’s body that can be gripped by the hand to carry it around. Let us review its features below.

Important Features That You Need To know:

Moving on from the simple yet user-friendly design of this machine, let us discuss some of the power specifications. Equipped with a high quality 16.8 Ah, 14.4V lithium-ion battery, this portable generator gives a 200W normal power output and 400W of peak power output. The power station is exclusively designed to meet your basic power needs like charging a phone, using a mini-cooler, or for laptops running low on battery. This Jackery Explorer 240 portable generator will cover them all without any hassle.

Moreover, one of the major benefits of this beautiful generator is that it has multiple charging options. You can recharge the battery through the basic power inlet or it can be charged through your solar generators. There is also more flexibility added by the manufacturer in this aspect, as the portable generator can also be charged through your car charging port. This exclusive feature makes it the best portable generator for RV.

For user accessibility purposes, there is a brilliant easy to read instructions on the back of the generator i.e. the battery information indicator as well as certain outlet indicators that make life easy.

Jackery Explorer 240 (1)

  • Easy to carry design
  • 400W peak power
  • Top rated
  • 240-Wh capacity
  • Multiple charging options
  • Readable instructions
  • USB port quality
  • Not for CPAP W/o heater

Final Views:

This is one of the best tops of the line portable generator. With around 1500 positive reviews, the portable generator has added credibility to its performance, and it is the top-rated portable generator on our list. Moreover, the accessibility options are also brilliant on this generator.

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2.  PRYMAX Portable Power StationPRYMAX Portable Power Station

Next up on our list is the new PRYMAX portable power station that supports charging devices having power Up to 300 Watts. This portable generator will come handy during traveling, as it will easily manage the load and charge multiple smartphones, lamps, drones, CPAP machines, and mini-fridges. We will look into the PRYMAX Portable Power Station in detail below. Let us jump right into it.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

The robust PRYMAX Portable Power Station has a new updated 2019 design. The manufacturer has designed it in such a way that it weighs only 6.5 lbs. You can easily carry it uphill or place it in your backpack whilst hiking and it will do the rest from charging your phone to powering up your laptop it will cover almost all the bases.

Moreover, the portable generator has a battery that has been designed by experts so that all sorts of safety basis are covered. The supreme lithium battery has some features like high-low temperature, overcharge monitor, etc that will notify you about the potential state in which the battery is operating.

The battery is equipped with a 298Wh lithium-ion battery pack. The high-grade battery can charge smartphones up to 40 times, laptop 7-8 times, your CPAP device up to 4 nights, and so on. Such a vast majority of the list will lit up your overall comfort level and you will be thankful for this hassle-free generator. 

Furthermore, the next aspect of the machine that we are going to talk about is the support system in which the core of the machine works. A cooling fan automatically turns on when it detects heat in this way the PRYMAX Portable Power Station can work at the optimum level without getting hot. In addition to this, there are 2 pure sine wave AC outlets that ensure a safer environment for your devices to be charged. 

The multi charging options make the life easy for the user as he can opt for the more convenient way to charge the PRYMAX Portable Power Station. There is a standard AC port charging option that typically takes around 7 hours, it can also be charged through a car charger in around 8 hours. Another option of energizing the generator is to charge it via solar panels on a hot sunny day if possible, which will take around 9 hours.

PRYMAX Portable Power Station (1)

  • Lightweight design
  • 3 charging options
  • Output power is 300W
  • 298Wh powerful batteries
  • Usable with CPAP (4 nights)
  • A little bit expensive
  • Poor customer service

Final Views:

One of the most advanced and well developed portable generators that are equipped with multiple features. However, the best thing about the power station is the lightweight easy to carry design that will make life easy for you.

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3. FlashFish Portable GeneratorFlashFish Portable Generator

FlashFish has manufactured a good quality generator in a cheap price bracket. In around 130 USD, you can get yourself a great camping companion that will fulfill your electricity needs without any hassle. This is another battery-powered generator that is environment friendly, as it does not use the conventional gasoline process. The output is peak performing portable generator not creating any sort of fumes and mess. Let us explore it further below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

Starting with the design, this is a more squared shape than most portable generators. Not only is the generator lightweight (around 4.7 lbs), the weight is also evenly distributed throughout the body due to this ultra edgy design. This makes it easier to carry around and especially such a lightweight generator can easily fit in your backpack.

Moreover, the next aspect that we are going to focus on is performance and power scores. Although it is a little cheapest on this list, it still has a great quality of performance due to the highly durable and top-class technology installed in it. It runs on a power of 151Wh and can easily charge your day-to-day accessories like your Smartphone, CPAP machine, light, camera, etc. This FlashFish Portable Generator will be of great help on offroading journeys.

In addition to this, there is a clear easy to read instructions about the power outlets, the USD port, and so on. The simple LCD screen gives a timely indication of your battery’s charging and helps you to evaluate the situation better. All of this stuff is on the backside of the portable generator so there is no need for you to worry about the instructions ruining the overall design and look of the machine. 

FlashFish Portable Generator (1)

  • Cheapest price
  • Easy to carry design
  • Compact & lightweight
  • 40800-mAh lithium battery
  • 12 months warranty
  • 3 recharging modes.
  • Can’t support devices above 200W
  • May not power CPAP for long

Final Views:

This FlashFish Portable Generator will handle the load of your low powered gadgets. It will charge them efficiently and work for a long time. However, it may not work effectively on some of the major power requiring appliances, for example, a microwave oven.

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4.  Rockpals 250-Watt Portable GeneratorRockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator

Rockpals have designed a generator that will be your perfect traveling companion, which will ultimately fulfill your electricity needs. Brighten up your camping set up through this latest generation of the portable generator that has immense power and sublime performance. The design of the Rockpals 250W Portable Generator is rock solid with a lightweight overall build. The dimensions are perfect for holding it in your hands or storing it in the back of your car. Let us discuss some of the extensive features of this generator below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

Moving on from the design, we shall discuss the power and performance aspects of this generator. There are 3 variable power setups. The dual 120V AC (300W surge) outlet shall help your charge your laptop, router, air mattress, etc. The intermediate 4* 12DC ports provide convenient power for CPAP machines, car refrigerator, car air fan, etc. Besides, the 2* 5V USB ports are designed to fulfill your gadget charging needs.

Furthermore, in terms of battery specifications, there is a 240Wh lithium polymer batteries that are extremely efficient and powerful. They can charge your Smartphone (2500 mAh) up to 25 times, your CPAP machine can go on for about 2+ nights and your smart 32” TV for can be recharged 4-5 times. These handy numbers will take care of your electricity needs perfectly and you will not feel any shortage of power while traveling.

In addition to this, there are 3 designated ways of recharging the Rockpals 250W Portable Generator. Through your standard solar system panel, you can charge it in 9-10 hours. It can also be charged through your car’s charger at about the same time. However, through a standard wall socket, the charging time is a little reduced and it charges fully in 8 hrs.

Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator (1)

  • Lightweight (5.5 lbs) design
  • 3-way recharging
  • 250W power output
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • 240Wh lithium batteries
  • Doesn’t support pass-through charging
  • Not preferable for 220V users

Final Views:

An exclusively designed lightweight portable generator that will not only be perfect when you are on the road but its wide power range and high-grade lithium batteries will be helpful even in case of home power shortage. Overall, the elite features and lightweight design make it the best portable generator in 2020.

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5. WEN 56203i WEN 56203i

Easily one of the most powerful portable generators, that you can buy today is the new portable generator which is a robust machine. Through which you can fulfill all your power needs from one place. Designed like a traditional generator, the solid WEN 56203i Portable Generator is a little bigger but it is partly due to its elite features and more practicality and functionality than a traditional portable generator. The handlebar is smooth and has a solid grip for easy carriage. Let us review its major features below. 

Important Features That You Need To Know:

Concerning such a robust machine that functions at such high power. One of the customer concerns is the noise produced by portable generators. You will be shocked to know that the WEN 56203i Portable Generator produces zero to none noise even at a higher working pace. The mechanism on which the generator operates is well designed and it is the reason for the extremely quiet operation of the machine.

In terms of power aspects, the WEN 56203i Portable Generator produces 2000W surge watts and 1700 rated watts. Such numbers can easily charge your conventional day-to-day usable appliances like your tablets, TVs, phones, etc. Not only this, but the generator goes a step further as it can supply enough power for the efficient working of construction tools. This generator can easily power your welding machines up; therefore, this is one of the many reasons that this is the best portable generator for construction.

Moving on from the power aspects, there is a top feature of fuel shut off. What this does is that it prevents blockages by using the remaining fuel from the carburetor before automatically shutting down. Hence, ensuring that your generator is always up to date and limited maintenance is required to keep it running.

WEN 56203i (1)

  • 2000W peak power
  • Fuel shutoff feature
  • Lightweight (39 lbs)
  • Quiet operation
  • Limited maintenance cost
  • Expensive

Final Views:

For a portable generator, the power numbers on this item are significant. With around 2000W peak power and great optimal performance, this is the best portable generator for construction.

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6.  FlashFish Portable Power StationFlashFish Portable Power Station

Designed compactly and finished with a brilliant bluish look. This portable generator is not only a powerhouse but it also looks quite magnificent. It is one of the best designed portable generators out there. It is lightweight, stiff, and has a comfortable gripping handle that provides easy carriage. We shall discuss its major features and aspects below. 

Important Features That You Need To Know:

With 3 advanced USB charging ports and a continuous power supply of 350W this FlashFish Portable Generator can run almost every medium-sized appliance efficiently. The generator works perfectly when it comes to charging a laptop, your CPAP machine in case of medical assistance, or even a small car refrigerator. Its advanced mechanism and large 60000 mAh battery provide sufficient electricity supply for days.

Moving on, the charging options are diverse and multiple. It can be charged quickly in around 5-6 hours through a standard wall socket. It can also charge through your solar panel (not included) in about 7-8 hours of the period and it can also be recharged by plugging it into your car charger (5-6 hours).

Furthermore, the advanced FlashFish Portable Power Station has a brilliant battery management system that provides safety and optimizes battery usage. There are certainly protecting features like short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, overheat protection, etc that keep your battery’s health in check and enhance its usage life.

FlashFish Portable Power Station (1)

  • Lightweight modern design
  • Charges relatively fast
  • 350 W peak power
  • 3 USB charging ports
  • 60000-mAh battery
  • Great battery management system
  • Can’t be used while charging
  • Poor customer support

Final Views:

This brilliant portable generator will fulfill your electricity requirements. The manufacturer has used advanced technology in developing this generator and several safety features protect the battery and generator as a whole.

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7.  Energizer Portable Power StationEnergizer Portable Power Station

Last but not the least, is another brilliant portable generator that is a great option to consider if you are a traveling vlogger. With brilliant specifications and extremely lightweight and compact design, this portable generator is one of the most well-executed generators out there. Let us review its major features and quirky aspects below.

Important Stuff That You Need To Know:

The power aspects of the Energizer Portable Power Station are good enough at it is not a full capacity generator; rather it is made for charging your gadgets and powering up your small appliances. The 50000-mAh battery can be used to charge your standard smartphones, tablets, and cameras. The 150W of power can recharge smaller refrigerators and TVs, for your convenience.

There is also a flashlight installed on the outside of the body, it is extremely illuminative and it can come in handy while you are camping at night. You can read a book or cook your food in the bright LED flashlight.

In terms of safety, there is an auto-sleep feature that is amazing. This feature keeps the overall health of your battery in good condition and it saves it from any damage. The Energizer Portable Power Station will automatically shut down if there are more than 5 minutes of inactivity. 

Energizer Portable Power Station (1)

  • 50000-mAh battery
  • CYPRESS chip
  • Lightweight design
  • LED flashlight
  • Auto-sleep option
  • Less power
  • No 220 voltage

Final Views:

For travelers and campers, this is a good option as it can fulfill your power needs significantly and it is lightweight in design and user friendly in working.

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The best portable generator shall help you fulfill your electricity-related concerns and it will charge your appliances and gadgets effectively. Its performance will be tested on camping and offroading journeys where it is bound to exceed the expectations and light everything up through the night. 

Investing in a portable generator is a wise idea as it makes life hassle-free and comfortable. This well-researched article has chosen the top options out of hundreds of various generators available online. The sole purpose is to pinch in your buying decision and assist you by reviewing everything. If you have any queries, feel free to let me know.

Top 3 Recommendations:

  1. Jackery Explorer 240 as it is the top-rated portable generator on the list.
  2. Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator as it is the best portable generator in 2020 on this list.
  3. WEN 56203iPortable Power Station as it is the best portable generator for construction.

Buyer Guide. Things to consider while purchasing a portable generator.


Your utmost concern should be the performance of the portable generator. Analyze the pros and cons thoroughly, so that you may have an idea if the portable generator fits as per your requirements. Moreover, go through the features that focus on power and usability so that you may have an insight into the mechanics of the portable generator.


Make sure that the product that you are buying is not made of any cheap plastic but of good durable quality material. Because you do not want to buy a portable generator that breaks due to a minor mishap.

Customer Reviews:

Alongside this well-researched article, you can also be educated through the customer reviews as they add more credibility to the reliability of the generator and give an insight into its practical performance.

Budget Concerns:

We have chosen great quality of portable generators that are also budget-friendly, for your convenience. To have assurance, you can compare prices and buy the generator that suits your pocket.

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